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Why to Partner with us?

Capital Investment

We invest in international Tech companies with strong underlying technology and proprietary IP.

Global Roll-out

We organize strategic roll outs with large corporate partners with in EU and globally in the USA and Asia.

Professional Mentors

We provide administrative support for company operations and support for public funding applications in Austria and EU.


We empower companies to change the world

PRESTO is an International Investment Management Firm based in Vienna, Austria. Our team of experts have large infrastructure with institutional and corporate partners worldwide: Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Israel, USA, China, Vietnam.

Our competence is scouting unique technology companies based on proprietary market growth parameters and help structure, grow and scale-up operations in the EU and launch products and establish businesses in foreign markets.

Based on our large experience we improve the success rate of our tech portfolio to achieve global commercialization.

Active Portfolio

We invest across all sectors into companies with strong underlying technology and proprietary IP

Computer Chip



The future of Noise Canceling


EM Plus


The future of Energy Storage

Computer Chip



The future of Data Security

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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